Why are my transactions failing?

Last updated August 30, 2021

There may be many reasons why your transaction failed. Some common reasons are below:

  • Your transaction fee was set too low, and while it may have been successful, Keplr wasn’t able to verify the status of your transaction. Please make sure to check your address on a block explorer and wait 5-10 minutes before trying another transaction.
  • You attempted to send/swap/add as liquidity a greater amount than your available balance (and/or not taking into account the transaction fee). Make sure that the total transaction + fees is less than your total available balance.
  • Your coins may be all locked up as liquidity or staked, therefore not [Available] (or not enough) and therefore you are not able to cover the fees for any other transaction.
  • There may have been a blocker in the interchain transfer you were going to operate: wait 10 minutes and if the operation was not successful and the funds are still not returned to the starting address, contact the support on Telegram.
  • Your Internet connection is not stable.
  • There might be some problems associated with Keplr Wallet: make sure you are using the latest version via Google Chrome Desktop and proceed with a hard refresh if you see that the extension is struggling to update data.