How to use Moonpay

Last updated August 30, 2021

At launch, Moonpay will only be available in the FIAT>$ATOM path, the reverse feature will be integrated shortly after. At this time Moonpay only supports $ATOM among IBC integrated tokens. Please note that Moonpay might require KYC.

  1. Go to [Assets]

  2. Click on [ATOM] and then select [Purchase ATOM] on the left under the swap section. The initial pair is ATOM/USD but you can change the FIAT pair by going to the top left menu and selecting [Default currency].

  3. Write the amount of ATOM you want to purchase (min 30 EUR) and confirm.

  4. Enter your Cosmos Hub address (i.e. cosmosxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…..).

If you’re sending to your Keplr wallet connected to Emeris, [tag] isn’t mandatory.

  1. Enter your email address

  2. You will receive a verification code: fill the dedicated section and select [Continue]

  3. Now you have to give Moonpay some basic details such as First Name, Surname, Date of Birth, and Country of Nationality to continue.

  4. Billing address section, so Address, City, PostCode, and Country

  5. Add a payment method & confirm the card billing address

  6. Enter the card details like Card Number, Expiry Date, and Card Security Code

  7. Complete the process and your FIAT gateway is ready!

How to use Moonpay

How to use Moonpay