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Emeris Beta

[Emeris beta] Non-custodial, cross-chain DeFi dashboard.

[Emeris public] • Mobile app & browser extension wallet. • Integration with the best dapps • Access to more protocols such as lending and yield farming, NFTs marketplaces, payment apps, data storage, and more…!

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The beta is expected to last until late Q3 when the Public Launch of Emeris is live.

Emeris is made by Tendermint, a core contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem with some of the best developers in the network. Furthermore, Emeris Beta is integrated with the Gravity DEX protocol, which is deployed on the most secure Proof of Stake blockchain to date and has passed several code audits.

Despite this, please be aware that this is a beta version, which means that some of the functionalities will be limited or not yet implemented, and it is possible that you might experience localized disruptions or slow-responding functionality.

The only wallet supported on Emeris Beta is the Keplr wallet, developed by Cosmos core contributing team Chainapsis. Keplr is officially supported only as a Chrome extension. Any other browser might cause severe disruption so it's not recommended that you use Keplr with any browser other than Chrome.

Please check the step-by-step tutorial, and the FAQ, or get in touch with the Keplr team on Telegram if you need assistance with their product.

Yes, follow this tutorial on the Chainapsis blog to link your Ledger to Keplr Wallet.

No, the mobile version will be available from the public launch expected in Q3 2021.

No, your Keys are stored through Keplr Wallet. To find out more, please read the section [How does Keplr store my private key?] in the Keplr FAQ.

Yes, you can do so by importing your Keplr account via seed phrase into the new device. Please keep in mind that this will greatly increase the risks associated with mnemonic phrase exposure so it is recommended that this option be used carefully.

Tendermint does not intend to give any financial advice: the fact that a token is available natively or that a protocol is integrated with Keplr is not intended to be a guarantee of reliability (or otherwise) and in no way replaces the need to DYOR.

...and more to come!

To ensure a stable connection and robust performance, not every chain that is connected via IBC to the Cosmos Hub will be supported immediately at Emeris Beta launch. Only when the team is sure that the relayers of that hub are up and stable, the chain will be integrated on Emeris.

What protocols are supported?

Tendermint does not intend to give any financial advice: the fact that a token is available natively or that a protocol is integrated with Keplr is not intended to be a guarantee of reliability (or otherwise) and in no way replaces the need to DYOR.

Gravity DEX protocol is the first protocol integrated with Emeris.

If it isn't correctly processed on the destination chain, then funds should be unlocked immediately.

If the transaction cannot be committed on the destination chain, you might have to wait up to 5 minutes (timeout) to see the funds unlocked.

If relayers are down, you might have to wait until their team restores the service.

You can verify this information on-chain using a block explorer: Osmosis, Cosmos Hub, Akash Network, IRIS Hub, Sentinel, Regen Network, and Chain.

Write your address (i.e. ‘cosmos1…abcd’) on the search bar that you can find on the top.

This depends on the type of transaction you are about to make, but we strongly recommend that you keep enough tokens in the [available] to cover at least 2-3 transactions per each mainnet

Not more than 5 minutes. If the transaction is pending for longer, please reach out to the support on Telegram.


Farming incentives will not be available at Emeris Beta launch, as they must be approved via a governance proposal from the ATOM holders first.


Since the market is extremely volatile, the displayed value may change by the time you confirm your trade. If you want to make sure that the amount of tokens you receive does not differ too much from expected, you can change the [Slippage] by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of the [Swap] section.

There you have 3 options: [0.1%] [0.5%] and [1%] which represent the percentage of tolerance you are willing to accept in completing the operation. If the system determines that it is impossible to execute the operation because the value of the tokens has changed, the operation will be canceled.

Emeris may not support the native token of all chains connected to the Cosmos Hub via IBC. Please see the [supported tokens] section to learn more.

Providing liquidity

Yes: go to [pools] page, select the pool you want to remove the liquidity from, click on [Withdraw].

Now you can choose how much to withdraw (whether all or part of it) from the pool by using the LP tokens in your possession. For simplicity, at the bottom, you will find how much percentage of the pool corresponds to the tokens you want to withdraw.


There are different levels required depending on the value you need to exchange. Please visit this specific page to find out more.

$ATOM, but more are coming soon.

General questions

The Gravity DEX testnet is now optimized for automated trading. For arbitrage bot operators, you can connect the following APIs:




This functionality will not be immediately available at the Emeris Beta launch but later on, Emeris will provide users with a simple way to export this data. Keep an eye on the official channels for further updates.

If you’re operating inside Emeris or sending tokens to a non-exchange wallet address, the [memo] field is optional.

If you’re sending tokens to a CEX (centralized exchange) the [memo] may be required and will be given by the destination exchange itself.

  • Check that your Keplr is unlocked.
  • Check that your Keplr version is 0.8.10.
  • Check that you have all the permissions enabled.
  • Uninstall Keplr.
  • Clear the Cache.
  • Reinstall.
  • If possible, try to connect to a VPN.

Brave isn't officially supported so it's highly recommended that you use Chrome. Any other browser and/or mobile is not supported either.

No, the Beta release will support only dollars as FIAT currency, but more will be added soon after.

Emeris is connected to Coingecko and will be adding more data providers soon.

Please get in touch with the Team on the Emeris Telegram Support Channel.