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Emeris beta connects you to the best cross‑chain DeFi protocols, starting with Gravity DEX.

  • Transfer and trade assets
    Between 12 different chains for the first time
  • Access a decentralized exchange
    With a trusted, stable and audited DEX protocol
  • Earn competitive yield
    By participating in liquidity pools

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Emeris beta allows you to swap coins with substantially lower fees than typical DeFi exchanges.

Average swap speed
Average transaction fee
+0.3% SWAP FEE
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Early access to innovative blockchains

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Access cutting-edge decentralized exchanges, allowing you to obtain experimental or alternative coins that may be difficult or impossible to get via traditional centralized exchanges.
Stay tuned for more chains to be added within the coming weeks.

Try the beta today

Download Keplr
For its beta version,
Emeris requires you to use it.
Get Keplr
Connect Keplr to Emeris
Go to the Emeris app and connect your Keplr wallet.
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Experience cross-chain DeFi
Trade, swap, pool and visualize all your assets in one place.

The best is yet to come.

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Emeris aims to be the first one-stop portal to provide:

Integrated wallet and multi‑wallet support

Access to multiple DeFi trading platforms

Staking on multiple chains

Mobile wallet app

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